How to Play Payday

Payday is a very popular game, and many fans of the game like the Payday mask very much. How we should play the game?

In the first place, prior to get all the security outside the glass so as not to break any basic alarm will be heard and your arms should muffler installed faster time to kill security Accurate not give them the opportunity to shoot their gun silencer would not be someone else heard gunshots alarm.

Payday mask

Secondly, your articles do not belong to be seen such as drilling rigs as well as the stolen loot corpses after you kill the package must be well hidden.

At last, do not fast running at security level unknown places perhaps run too fast or just hit the security body too quickly to be seen directly run the camera directly to the police or run too fast laser hit what.

About handling camera-camera is annoying you kill security time to consider whether there are seven cameras watching if you want to kill the security will be the camera sees to destroy the camera before they can kill , but a broken camera is a threat to any passing security watch the broken camera will alarm which indicates your actions become more dangerous as far as security and safety zone kill packaged if it is too fucking camera position would be destroyed destroyed camera can also be used to lead security Security would come to see him , but you just cannot get rid of the broken camera away from this unexpected situation so far unable to come back.

Payday is so great that more and more people will play the game. Would you like to have a try?

Cosplay Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask from Xcoser are so Awesome

We could see many different kinds of awesome cosplay accessories in the comic con, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It seems that the mask is always the important part of the cosplay.

Deathstroke mask

Now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hot on show, more and more people become the fans of the movie, and the film is thought better than the preceding crop. In this movie, Winter soldier have gained many fans and they want to cosplay him with the cosplay costumes, such as the Winter Soldier mask, jacket. In my mind, the Winter Soldier arm is so cool, I would like to cosplay him with it.

Another cosplay prop I want to own is the Breaking Bad hat, it looks great and good quality. Of course, we could wear it anytime outside, it’s so fashion.

HOT SALE Payday Mask and the Walkthrough of Payday

Such as skills upgrading, career choice (each with special abilities), and so on. Harvest day 2 is a very fighting style shooter game. Players in the game play is IQ superb professional criminals, as police in deduce with all kinds of crime to seek survival, for example to rob Banks, armed hijacking vehicles, collaboration can also make people escape from the prison. In short, in a large city, you can have a powerful weapon and equipment, freedom through an unstoppable.

The Payday a very popular game, many gamers bought Payday mask, this is a very appropriate props in the game characters. Nowadays, Xcoser also launched Deathstroke mask and the popular TV series product in the Breaking Bad Walter White, he wore product Breaking Bad hat.These are reasonably priced and fine. You deserve it!

Payday 2 Masks for Sale after the Game Released

Payday 2 is the sequel of Payday; it is better than the preceding crop. Payday 2 Masks for Sale after the Game Released. In Payday 2, we could see many new functions, such as skill and upgrade, the choice of career and so on.

payday 2 masks for sale

The Payday 2 is a very fighting style shooter game. In this game, the player is playing the IQ superb professional criminals, with all kinds of crime to seek survival, to rob a bank, for example, help politicians to complete their ambition, make meth for businessmen to wait. In short, in a large city, you can have a powerful weapon and equipment, freedom through an unstoppable.

The Payday 2 attractive part of the reason is that different details and elements have different effects. Means you have to answer their uniforms guards his walkie-talkie in order to avoid the other guards are suspicious. Every time you the choice of equipment should be in the sport, practical and trade-off in concealment. Four practical skill trees will have an impact on many elements, such as you master the armor, the power of the hand-to-hand combat or unlock skills and so on. The whole skills are very deep, let the game from the surface of the shooting game into a very tactical game. But the game is the best place, although the implementation of the robbery with the plan appeared deviation, all the teammates are random strain, but the game experience is still very great. Shooting is long and tense, and to defeat in different types of enemies, the team must be reasonable allocation of resources, fast strain, and sincere cooperation.

I will Wear the Payday Mask to Take Part in My Friends’s Party

When I wore the Deathstroke mask in a cosplay party,one man asked me,why you liked this cosplay? I said, why not? In my mind, cosplay is one part of my life, without it, my life is not complete.

When I was a young child, I loved the Snow White very much, when I wore in the Snow White dress, I was so happy, I thought I was the beautiful girl. Maybe, I began to like cosplay from that time.
deathstroke mask
Through cosplay, we could become the people who we like, such as the hero, princess, or any one in the anime. Cosplay is not strange, it is always interesting. When you become the man you want to be, you will be so happy.

Next week, I prepare to wear the Payday mask to cosplay in my friends’ party, I cannot wait for it. Would you like to join me?

payday mask

Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask are Your Best Choice to Cosplay

The people who like cosplay, always like the cosplay mask, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It could be say that mask is always the soul of the cosplay.

As we know, Xcoser has almost completed the Deathstroke helmet and the Payday mask, and we could pre-order the mask now. It’s said that the people who pre-order the mask will get a limited gift. Why not buy the mask now?

Now, I want to show you the pictures about the two mask, they are so cool.

deathstroke mask

payday mask


Payday 2 Masks for Sale Deathstroke Mask Xcoser Cool New Product 2014

Payday 2, the producers announced the real machine demo video 15 minutes, give us a show in the payday mask, it is full of happy feeling how they robbed them. In addition, demo video also shows the Payday 2, including many on sale in 2011 before the harvest, “that the new features: rob, including skills and promotion system.The game there are four different professions, each with its own unique ability, their mutual complement each other to perform a task.

Deathstroke took credit for somehow twisting (through unknown means) the powers of Geo-Force, the half-brother of the original Terra, into the same powers as his traitorous sister. Using this leverage, Deathstroke offered to reverse the process only if Geo-Force became his own personal spy within the Justice League.

The Deathstroke mask looks so fashionable, and it is the new product in Xcoser. We are looking forward to it will be welcome.


Payday 2 Masks for Sale Dallas Mask Xcoser 2014 New Cosplay Costumes


Payday mask for sale




Payday 2 Masks for Sale Dallas Mask in Xcoser Costumes 2014 R&D

Great Dallas cosplay with Xcoser Payday Dallas Mask!

Good choice mask to cosplay Payday in Halloween

New Vesion Dallas Mask Has Improved Its Quality!

Dream work of Dallas Fans!

Game: PAYDAY 2

Character: Dallas

Mask Sizes: Free size

Material: PVC

Including: a mask

Updated Version Payday Mask:

Payday mask

DIY Version Payday Mask:

Payday mask

Dallas is a playable character. He is a 44-year-old chain smoker. Due to his previous smoking habits, he is continually out of breath, though this does not affect gameplay. He wears the American flag mask during heists, and is voiced by Simon Kerr.

payday mask