Wear PayDay 2 Mask to Play this Game is very Cool

This Payday Game is very cool. Four people cooperation shooting game “PayDay 2″ has determined this summer in the PSN, Xbox LIVE and sale of valve. Will continue to play a game, the player Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains, in Washington exciting trip to crime. Authorities have released a Watchdogs trailer propaganda image, let’s take a look at.
payday mask
This is payday dallas mask,cool, isn’t it?
 New Crimenet crime networks provide players with a large number of dynamic contract, the player can free choice tasks to complete all kinds of criminal contract, the player can cooperation game along with up to four friends in the game step by step to complete various tasks are rewarded, to grow, and the custom roles through the game, weapon system into an epic level criminals, the characters in the game has a dynamic Crimenet criminal networks, players can choose their career, PayDay Loot reward after the completion of the players can acquire random system, depth of the weapons in the game can be customized, cnooc game task waiting for players to break many hidden mini achievement, character will be upgraded with players.