Payday Mask:Payday Harvest Day Millions Players Free Download

Payday Mask:Payday Harvest Day Millions Players Free Download
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Third anniversary, in order to celebrate the harvest day release Overkill Software developers are hold a activity named “Crimefest”, at the appointed time will be according to the harvest day 2 Steam community member number to send out some big rewards. On July 28, a total of 1 million in order to celebrate the game players, the Swedish game production studio announced on October 18, free the harvest day “of the game.
The harvest day “is a many people cooperation of first person shooter game, players in the game play rob task, and get as much money. Have many guns used by players in the game, there are a variety of tasks to choose from. When you were arrested, you can let your teammates to release a hostage, so you can return to the task. In single mode also can appear a large number of random events.
payday mask 2014
The announcement from the harvest day 2 Steam group, you can also join in, get some games. Developers say, “the number 1.05 million! That is to say, on October 28, within 24 hours, the harvest day: rob will be able to free download via Steam.” Overkill will be held on October 28th “Crimefest” activities, the player can be downloaded for free the original “harvest day: rob” and can be permanent. As Steam group number increasing, the harvest day, there will be more updates, such as a variety of DLC, increased day and night mode, update the weapons and so on.
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Payday Mask: What are Player Focus on Payday 2

Payday Mask: What are Player Focus on Payday 2

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Payday2 gauge Jane and important information navigation
Origin of engine are interested in to baidu, which is a very Diao engine yoooo) but to be bored with of engine also can appear very fun Bug/irrational place isn’t it? So today’s topic is: I have a special
After a few days You must have found According to different tasks with different ways have different task efficiency of finished within five minutes Luck back stick to a half an hour also failed I didn’t
After level 1 liter full 100 can get experience? What is the infamous? How still points first second etc? 2. Reset the skill tree points after the money will be returned? 3. To unlock a new mask slot and arms
Harvest day 2 V – 100 how many skill points Mr Ozawa VoLvo
How quality is so high? Just a payday see on “CN” in the room Because of the high room will delay of into the foreigners So decisive point in shadow raid hard just into the house owner in English “what can you do this?” To directly by ki
You said I see payday2 yellow gold how so like large bars of chocolate in understanding loose trousers endure…
Couldn’t help ate half box today
Former brothers return, a brave man mainland together again! Post bar game
You fight demons square, and color in the castle, of oz reunite let us hand in hand to kill gold legion.
Could you tell me how to search a great god I online version problem  less than other people’s room Chengdu, dc Ki…
Help installed harvest day 2 start ask god to answer On the first floor above, Scorpio evil child…
In front of many people ID VulcanLoo o [TW] is what mean
Prefix team? Or follow?
Overkill, you lazy again! thb886
Is the water! The other big bank of elevator was catnip that parking lot negative on the second floor is not of the floor
Two weapon guide hodgepodge – small AK, 553, gold AK, CMP light machine gun — Roya.. RoyTNT
Graduation trip last week, diving for a long time feeling, while the new haven’t come out the XM8  today, hurriedly before finishing worth mentioned under version 27.1 includes the main, secondary weapon. 1, small AK –  rof machine guns
Payday2 game screen shrunk The raptors
Screenshots are developing
I depend, the first time I saw the manager will go to this place thb886
Also from the car went over to others, that’s too arrogant
The fireworks of congratulations Today I am the new old man finally ChanQian a successful bank chenshengqin…
As shown in figure, because boring, then think about try ChanQian bank series, I success ChanQian once before, but I think that

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Payday Mask: Harvest Day 2 How to Upgrade One Soon

Payday Mask: Harvest Day 2 How to Upgrade One Soon
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Lv1 began to get the lv2 casually, 1 point to upgrade the ECM
Swiping four stores OVERKILL, into the grocery store, look have ATM, so just put the ECM, crouching in the corner waiting for; Not Restart it. A level to rise a few…
And the raising of the third page skills C4, until up to C4 tear open the door.
Then brush RATS, the first day of misplacing material blow up the lab; Escape parking lot safe passage, if a bridge is kept; Directly into the next day on the right side of the apartments open to kill, Fried safe take intelligence, if the latest three apartments have no intelligence, Restart it. On the third day, don’t want to take a bag of money money back to the helicopter. Brush an OVERKILL to around 100000 experience difficulty, an income of around two hundred thousand, if the money on the BUS were packaged into the transport planes, there may be more than two hundred top two hundred earnings.
If can’t find the RATS task, also can play UKRAINE JOB, into which put C4 Fried safe, to get the crown ran back into the car, the entire average 35 seconds.
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Payday Mask: Payday 2 graphic strategy Bain Contract assignment strategy

Payday Mask: Payday 2 graphic strategy Bain Contract assignment strategy 
payday mask
Do the first statement on the ground floor, post after the last update before except 2 floor of floor of floor response if you don’t say floor, novice to avoid over half a day also can not find what is what
Continuously updated + may jump ticket: 3
Avoid OVKL may also update the new mission, in the final task before also had better still don’t reply: 3(0)reply
The 2014-06-23 report then | 1 floor
2 floor questions area: 3
What problems, please reply in this building floor in the building, the rest of the also not much said
Pack up reply him the report, 2014-06-23, building 2 |
Pancake pancake: tactical seize 3 l
The 2014-6-23 mark
02 lollipop: reply pancake pancake: I was going to let him do a simple summary to convenient old do not understand English, but he have to detailed writing strategy is obsessive-compulsive disorder
The 2014-6-23 accounted a reply
MisakaRiko: reply 02 lollipop: this is detailed
The 2014-6-23 all the reply
MisakaRiko: reply 02 lollipop: I mean, the actual BANK HEIST did I say that first put into several elements, first, and then down into the fuzzy point I said
The 2014-6-23 these responses
Pancake pancake: reply 02 lollipop: I don’t understand, have time to go to the post post are reluctant to use Google translation, I want to post the water
The 2014-6-23 21:52 reply
I also say
There are 18 reply, click to view
Post bar game
Massive body, against the sky, lucky twisted egg, a cannot little! Fun game of mecha in SD up to!
To promote the 2014-06-23 21:37
BANK HEIST (Pro job&Cash & Deposit&Pro job Gold)
The first said the meaning of the four
Pro job means professional task, originally means you failed, everything will disappear, including you bought or task is to draw, failure can only be returned to the room, not BAIN ‘S PLAN interface, so in practice the Pro job please act prudently
Pro job: on the surface of the bank’s vault may brush out you don’t have to open the safe for Money, or Gold, if no then can open the two safe to get the Money)

Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

This guide is divided into four stages, each stage is the key weapons to the next stage, the key skill of preparation. After received these elements can be considered on to the next stage. We add some direction to clear the role of in hand and ghosts, guest small thugs, technician to ignore.

payday mask

(1) the direction of the black hand finally add some purpose is to persuade the enemy, to convince the enemy as the most preferred add some direction, please good skill points. To persuade skills before have kissed the blarney stone, number of cable tie, endurance is required; Experience bonus points if also didn’t go to online one for yourself to go, the rest of the can consider whole weapon recoil reduce or tag damage to deepen.
(2) the mob add some purpose is just to get efficient move brick, if skill points can point to a high enough iron, in the back behind the Yin person or useful.
(4) technician with extreme is not recommended, bit even when get silent drill into doesn’t make any sense. Technician’s most deadly problem is their skills in a single brush growth is almost zero! His skills can’t give back to provide any help, the growth of waste can be said to be the initial skill points as well as the choice of money.
(3) the phantom eventually add some purpose is one of the open the door for ECM/hand to open the safe, ECM brush want to go to the bank, and want to brush the nightclub to repair the hand to open the safe. Before the skill required to packaging, endure bellow, sprint, without these, in order to quickly body quick please also learn a. Other points can consider to work for money, 10% / 30% bonus to loot. Double ECM/silent killer the personal habits to choose.
(5), because of the characteristics of the map to 45 ~ 50 level of a single brush is the limit. Behind the examination rate getting online, it won’t be in this category. But if you can brush to this single rank your skills and awareness as a ghost has basic will be enough.

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Payday 2 More Funny than Payday 1 ever the Mask

Payday 2 More Funny than Payday 1 ever the Mask

payday mask

Payday mask on face!

Overkill Software has formally announced the harvest day 2 “will be landing in the summer, XBLA, PSN and PC. In the harvest day: robbing this sequel in game in the details and the system will improve accordingly, but the most important is the perfect quality to promote, in the latest forecast as if to give the players a sense of “the whole world is lit” and pleasing to the eye.

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This adds some new features, such as skills and upgrade, career choice (each with special abilities), etc.

By Starbreeze Studios’ Overkill Software developed by a sequel “harvest day 2 (Payday) 2″, the player can still play the first four roles, for more than 30 kinds of tasks, according to the players in a task reach content in a variety of levels, will get different results. New offenders “CrimeNet” provides a large number of dedicated Internet crime contract, you can choose a variety of crime, and good friends take part in the attachment, rewarded can grow, customize your character, create a epic criminals is not too difficult ~ there is Ghost in the game, Enforcer, Tech tree, joint and so on four kind of skills, players can arbitrarily allocate their abilities, to shape the role of proprietary ability. Money can also be used to buy all kinds of equipment or vehicles, let you in the whole course of the robbery is more advantageous to escape. Such as Ghost at random, can the shadowy down police personnel, or to monitor such as void; Enforcer is more resistant to play, you can also use the heavy weapons; Tech is good at rapid formidable into the vault, security system and so on; Has become highly movie, everybody to want to gather the different ability of staff to be remembered in the history of crime ah ~

Payday The Heist Will be a Major Update

payday mask
Payday The Heist Will be a Major Update
First of all, driven by NVIDIA BF3 render Settings to solve problems, and, as a result of the defects will cause the mouse input lag, now return parameters from 3 to 1.
Secondly, reopened speech game, and can be set to the key, keys can be customized.
Other beneficial correction include:
- add crouching posture switch
- the end of the picture can now chat text
- ease overheating of the laptop, portable computer
- reduce the game sync phenomenon caused by network conditions (Hello, large)
- for Steam add host filtering options (near, far, global)
- solve the hall interface under press the ESC key cause for the failure of the mouse
- for low configuration desktop and laptop computer game execution efficiency (in a notebook and use 4 or 5 years on the desktop can get higher frame rate)
- the game loading screen can now display the Steam community information
Can pause the game – standalone mode
- solve the problem of alien control center to start the black screen
- solve some rare game crash error
- for a player to enforce the forbidden
- the mouse pointer to a smooth function has been removed, changed to coordinate information input, directly on the low configuration computer input response can experience more quickly
- bank guan AI bug is fixed, all teams special body animations can now properly rendering (C4 to destroy the wall, the AI will stop response CARDS there)
- AI teammate now appear more clever and active
The patch size only 30 MB, Steam platform has pushed over.
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Payday Mask the Heist Enemy Introduced in Game Payday 2/11

Payday Mask the Heist Enemy Introduced in Game Payday

payday mask
Payday enemy One, civilians
 This kind of person Say you want to kill But the game setting Let you dare not kill. After the game setting: shoot a hostage When you enter the Custoy state is wait for the hostages exchange time will be extended for 10 s and settlement at the end of the game rewards when they take a certain amount of money So it is best to not kill don’t kill kill Also don’t overdo it had better not more than four.
 Each level of the hostages clothing there will be some changes No Mercy, for example there will be a doctor and the patient slaughterhouses have the butcher street have form larger hostage
Payday enemy second, the fanatics (safe house exclusive)
The enemy is not too difficult Equipped weapon is Mark
Payday enemy three, security (first the world bank, the green bridge, diamond, hospital)
 As a general rule, be white clothes In the diamond in red clothes
 General equipment for the pistol In diamond is’t a MP5 equipped with
At the same time in the diamond alarm before triggers can be marked
1. The levels get too close to the security guard at the bank will let him find you carry guns Forcibly trigger looting
2. You even nearly every other security again in No Mercy corps level will not be found Unless you take the initiative to start looting
3. Problems in diamond close security view Hearing also has a problem But once they are found An alarm
4. Apart from Easy difficulty security melee hit General can let him to surrender

Payday Dallas Mask for the Game Payday 2

Payday Dallas Mask for the Game Payday 2

paydya dallas mask

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“We are criminals? I don’t think so. Everyone has his own work, I want our Payday time”– Dallas (PAYDAY The web series) . Yes, this is Dallas, a clever man. We just provide this Payday mask for Dallas’s fans. When you wear this Dallas mask, and play as him, so cool!
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Wear a Payday Mask in Game That’s so Cool

Haven’t you play the game Payday 2? Whether the game is fun or not? Now, i will teel you!

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Go on.

This is a very fun shoting game, in this game, you will be a high IQ criminals. You and your another three partners cooperation to get money from bank, or do something you  can’t do in the real life.

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In the game Payday 2, there have many RPG elements, just give the player more DOF and more choice.