Payday 2 On August 13 Issue Date on the PC

Payday 2 on August 13, issue date on the PC.
The harvest day 2 developers just announced the release date of the game, the game will be on August 13, PC and PS3 and Xbox 360 platform. Game developers Overkill Software has just announced the news on Twitter. The PC version of the game will be on August 13, Steam platform, but the host version of the game will be between 13 to 16. Early game demos: this as “the harvest day: robbing” sequel in game in the details and the system will improve accordingly, but the most important is the perfect quality to promote, in the latest forecast as if to give the players a sense of “the whole world is lit” and pleasing to the eye. Game is mainly tells the story to rob you and your friends. Early game screenshot:

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