Payday Mask: Celebrate Payday 2 Players over 1 Milion

A few days ago “Payday 2″ event held a lecture entitled “Crimefest”, and said it will send rewards, while heavyweight prize to be determined in accordance with “Payday 2,” the number of Steam community members. Today, the number of players has added more than 1 million, game developers to honor a commitment to the players sent a super surprise award: October 18 free distribution of “Harvest Day: plunder.”

Payday mask

“Payday 2″ is a shooting game, as “Payday: plunder,” the sequel to its predecessor adds many new features compared to the players who play the IQ criminals, organizing tasks, such as to rob the bank, to help political home complete ambitions and so on.

Payday 2 maskPayday mask for sale

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