Cosplay Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask from Xcoser are so Awesome

We could see many different kinds of awesome cosplay accessories in the comic con, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It seems that the mask is always the important part of the cosplay.

Deathstroke mask

Now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hot on show, more and more people become the fans of the movie, and the film is thought better than the preceding crop. In this movie, Winter soldier have gained many fans and they want to cosplay him with the cosplay costumes, such as the Winter Soldier mask, jacket. In my mind, the Winter Soldier arm is so cool, I would like to cosplay him with it.

Another cosplay prop I want to own is the Breaking Bad hat, it looks great and good quality. Of course, we could wear it anytime outside, it’s so fashion.

HOT SALE Payday Mask and the Walkthrough of Payday

Such as skills upgrading, career choice (each with special abilities), and so on. Harvest day 2 is a very fighting style shooter game. Players in the game play is IQ superb professional criminals, as police in deduce with all kinds of crime to seek survival, for example to rob Banks, armed hijacking vehicles, collaboration can also make people escape from the prison. In short, in a large city, you can have a powerful weapon and equipment, freedom through an unstoppable.

The Payday a very popular game, many gamers bought Payday mask, this is a very appropriate props in the game characters. Nowadays, Xcoser also launched Deathstroke mask and the popular TV series product in the Breaking Bad Walter White, he wore product Breaking Bad hat.These are reasonably priced and fine. You deserve it!