Payday 2 Game Skills and the Benefits of Put on Payday Mask

The game, Payday 2 of the jewelry store inside, can not completely open one gun, not a melee, is not an alarm to complete. No matter how high difficulty, but the difficulty is higher the more experience. Only need two threat level is high, and there are more than two or three ropes, and security threats, in a crazy by then tied house someone, not an alarm onto your car will soon come, and then get on the bus line, time can a bit faster control within four and a half. No skills totally impossible, because in the past you give security crazy he F was handcuffed to you.

If it is bank friends and I haven’t worked out a good way to stealth, a few times are found, it is important to note at the bank back door have a monitor head Feed, where I can directly see the bank all content monitoring, manager’s office has a ammo bag. Parked behind the barbed wire fence of the three cars, there was a car is medical vehicle near will appear after a medical bag. Put on a Payday mask, avail oneself of the opportunity to get in.

Corner on the second floor in the bank, parking lot, or there is a place near the back door or wood, can put on the first floor of the several important window, remember, this can damage but can stay for a long time, the bank’s camera A total of eight.And Banks have three alarm under the counter, if you want to dive in the past, three staff must keep the bank counter threats and bound, before the camera also want to find a way to deal with.Control room must be done in advance, the main control room door can put a ECM on the controller to turn on, don’t need a Keycard, control the camera to point to friends, do the security guards, at the same time, the main counter that a few personal alarm, by this time all threatened, OK, go to the vault!

Payday Mask Throughout the Game

505 Games recently released some new Payday 2 screenshots. Payday 2 is a cooperative action shooting game, the player will play the leading role of a generation in games Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains, and bring about a new round of crime spree in Washington.
New game “CRIMENET” network provides a series of criminal contract, small to a convenience store, big to the well-known large Banks, the player can freely choose from all kinds of contracts to complete. At the same time, players can work in some local politicians, to complete their task. Game players to a team of four, and everyone has his own role in criminal activities.
The game also includes a weapon and the character customization system, players can use the system making all kinds of modifications to equipment and weapons. And this Payday mask is Dallasmask . Dallas, this character is one of the most important person in the crime.