Payday Mask in Detail with All the Game

Payday 2 translation skill tree in detail, in order to let everybody be clear at a glance, do not need to find one, and modify some of the contents, can make you a better understanding of, in the form of pictures show, finally also attach the original English.

First introduce the four career:
1.    Joint the brain, or avatar
Joint is in a variety of operating control “type of occupation, the leadership of the main ability is to place medical kits, to strengthen the pistol performance, playing ability and so on, and has a strong alterations and communication ability, after upgrade he can even convince the police and the civilians become one of their own, is an extremely important role on observatory.

2.    The Enforcer shock worker
Enforcer is an extremely violent criminal career, all kinds of crime giants fanatics are hired to complete the mission impossible, main ability is to place ammunition package, to strengthen the shotgun performance, number of magazine, close combat ability, skills for charging type confrontation tanks.

3. The Technician, engineer
Technician is inherited in the generation of profession, specializing in all kinds of criminal science, enjoy everything will be “bang!”Explosion, main ability is placed ray and automatic sentry, strengthen the rifle performance, crime devices (such as drill) efficiency, etc., for the backbone of the team.

4. The Ghost
Ghost is a stealth artist, in the case of don’t touch anything moving form transposition of trick is his specialty, main ability is to place the ECM jammers, improved the mute weapon performance, stealth ability, etc., the protagonist in the quiet of the plunder.

Payday 2 after a live-action version of the game before the network after the first episode, and announced the second set, live-action network play can be seen in the video, someone put on Payday mask the robber just fled from the bank, are running amok.And before the first set of style close, clowns shooting while Shouting. Seem is the trend of after the show.

Payday Mask and Game Description about Payday 2

As the Payday 2 launch date approaches, the game official recently released the latest propaganda, and bring the game collection edition contains content, from the perspective of the images of the official version including the protagonist rob Banks used the clown mask and gloves, and loot – money.

It is understood that Payday 2 as 2011 outstanding creative game Payday, a sequel, it will continue to allow players to experience a team playing with friends bank robbers on the joy of harvest wealth. Producers commitment this will add more professional system, namely to the player’s team ability put forward new challenge.

In addition, this also provides players with 30 story levels, and levels of built-in random “dynamic events” to enhance can replay of the game.In the end, the player can complete the task by unlocking new Payday mask, weapons, and other items such as to strengthen their ability to act.