The Fourth Villain with Payday 2 Mask Cool

Payday mask

This is Payday 2 mask of Dallas.

Nationality: the U.S.
Age: 44
Experience, cunning sensitive, in an orderly way. Dallas when he was 30 years old trying to provoke two Chicago gangsters, he went to the south, after several gang leader ordered the arrest Dallas and cut off his head, but he managed to hide into the ground, and survived. In this matter after the calm, he again return to the path of crime.
We are all afraid of him.
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 34
Wolf also like us when young is a good law-abiding citizens. In 2000 at the end of the financial crisis, Mr Wolf company at that time the only one customer and the customer get cold feet, meant to lift the company’s cooperation with them. Then, his company is in tatters.
His determination to drive his crime, and then take the crime of money management to maintain his own company.
Nationality: the U.S.
Age: 37
Always trouble when it Chains in the young. Youth is always hovering between their foster families and youth. Later, he joined the army, became a good soldiers, but he always hate to be ordered.
Later, Chiains left the army and became a little rascal, called “soldier of fortune”, to the highest bidder with his “military” service.
Nationality: the U.S.
Age: 31
Hoxton since youth is not a good fit for a job, even if he needs to make a living. His way of life increasingly negative, and began the theft crime. His debts in growth, at the same time, also because of the con for many years and made a number of enemies… He need huge amounts of money to pay his debts. He committed when he was 24 years old the first time, and the road more walk more far of the crime.
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