Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

This guide is divided into four stages, each stage is the key weapons to the next stage, the key skill of preparation. After received these elements can be considered on to the next stage. We add some direction to clear the role of in hand and ghosts, guest small thugs, technician to ignore.

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(1) the direction of the black hand finally add some purpose is to persuade the enemy, to convince the enemy as the most preferred add some direction, please good skill points. To persuade skills before have kissed the blarney stone, number of cable tie, endurance is required; Experience bonus points if also didn’t go to online one for yourself to go, the rest of the can consider whole weapon recoil reduce or tag damage to deepen.
(2) the mob add some purpose is just to get efficient move brick, if skill points can point to a high enough iron, in the back behind the Yin person or useful.
(4) technician with extreme is not recommended, bit even when get silent drill into doesn’t make any sense. Technician’s most deadly problem is their skills in a single brush growth is almost zero! His skills can’t give back to provide any help, the growth of waste can be said to be the initial skill points as well as the choice of money.
(3) the phantom eventually add some purpose is one of the open the door for ECM/hand to open the safe, ECM brush want to go to the bank, and want to brush the nightclub to repair the hand to open the safe. Before the skill required to packaging, endure bellow, sprint, without these, in order to quickly body quick please also learn a. Other points can consider to work for money, 10% / 30% bonus to loot. Double ECM/silent killer the personal habits to choose.
(5), because of the characteristics of the map to 45 ~ 50 level of a single brush is the limit. Behind the examination rate getting online, it won’t be in this category. But if you can brush to this single rank your skills and awareness as a ghost has basic will be enough.

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Payday The Heist Will be a Major Update

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Payday The Heist Will be a Major Update
First of all, driven by NVIDIA BF3 render Settings to solve problems, and, as a result of the defects will cause the mouse input lag, now return parameters from 3 to 1.
Secondly, reopened speech game, and can be set to the key, keys can be customized.
Other beneficial correction include:
- add crouching posture switch
- the end of the picture can now chat text
- ease overheating of the laptop, portable computer
- reduce the game sync phenomenon caused by network conditions (Hello, large)
- for Steam add host filtering options (near, far, global)
- solve the hall interface under press the ESC key cause for the failure of the mouse
- for low configuration desktop and laptop computer game execution efficiency (in a notebook and use 4 or 5 years on the desktop can get higher frame rate)
- the game loading screen can now display the Steam community information
Can pause the game – standalone mode
- solve the problem of alien control center to start the black screen
- solve some rare game crash error
- for a player to enforce the forbidden
- the mouse pointer to a smooth function has been removed, changed to coordinate information input, directly on the low configuration computer input response can experience more quickly
- bank guan AI bug is fixed, all teams special body animations can now properly rendering (C4 to destroy the wall, the AI will stop response CARDS there)
- AI teammate now appear more clever and active
The patch size only 30 MB, Steam platform has pushed over.
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Some Experience about Play Payday 2

When you play the Payday, cooperate also need to pay attention to skills, four mans were brought ammunition package or medical kits say sometimes it is difficult. Medical kits when no upgrade capacity and two medical kit need to take two people, a little don’t stay up or meet with large siege.

Ammunition package from beginning to end I feel like a man to take enough last either ECM (varies from person to person), or take the third column is similar to the skills of engineers, the repair of drill and drill has certain efficiency increases, and can put automatic machine guns.

Payday 2 is an action packed, four player co op heist shooter that once again lets gamers don the  Payday mask of the original Payday crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains. The new CrimeNet network offers a huge range of dynamic contracts and players are free to choose anything from small time convenience store hits or kidnappings, to cyber crime or emptying out bank vaults.

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If you want to use the shortest evaluation to describe this series, that is exciting. The second generation is in every part of the game and generation of maintaining a relatively consistent standards and setting, rather than more specifically the second generation is a generation of perfect version. Two years ago as a test work developed Payday1 can cause me to overkill this studio great interest, not just because I’ve been waiting for such a simulation game career criminals, but also because the game is finished, in the limited technical conditions and the development scale is absolutely superior level.

Mastery of all kinds of game elements as mature than big game studios, here is to make a brief introduction of the series, two generations of difference respectively. Each role are wearing their own Payday masks.

I thought the two direction of video game development, it is a narrative and the world as the core, combines the technique of film to show more and more magnificent and real fantasy world, such as the elder scrolls and GTA, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed and so on. Can be seen as the macro works on this one direction? And in the other direction is ignored the narrative and the structure of the world view, and pay attention to the experience of the game, and video games in more than 60 years development is obtained for the so-called “gives people pleasure” ultimate pursuit, including the role of article PAYDAY.

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Payday 2 new DLC “armed” has been released. The DLC include two new robbery, armed robbery object is very famous trucks, robbing sites with a total of six.

If you have completed the robbery, you’ll unlock a more difficult task – armed a speeding train robbery, carrying a military prototype weapon.

DLC will also include three new weapons, four masks, players can become homeowners have DLC, so didn’t buy the DLC players join the game.

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