Payday 2 More Funny than Payday 1 ever the Mask

Payday 2 More Funny than Payday 1 ever the Mask

payday mask

Payday mask on face!

Overkill Software has formally announced the harvest day 2 “will be landing in the summer, XBLA, PSN and PC. In the harvest day: robbing this sequel in game in the details and the system will improve accordingly, but the most important is the perfect quality to promote, in the latest forecast as if to give the players a sense of “the whole world is lit” and pleasing to the eye.

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This adds some new features, such as skills and upgrade, career choice (each with special abilities), etc.

By Starbreeze Studios’ Overkill Software developed by a sequel “harvest day 2 (Payday) 2″, the player can still play the first four roles, for more than 30 kinds of tasks, according to the players in a task reach content in a variety of levels, will get different results. New offenders “CrimeNet” provides a large number of dedicated Internet crime contract, you can choose a variety of crime, and good friends take part in the attachment, rewarded can grow, customize your character, create a epic criminals is not too difficult ~ there is Ghost in the game, Enforcer, Tech tree, joint and so on four kind of skills, players can arbitrarily allocate their abilities, to shape the role of proprietary ability. Money can also be used to buy all kinds of equipment or vehicles, let you in the whole course of the robbery is more advantageous to escape. Such as Ghost at random, can the shadowy down police personnel, or to monitor such as void; Enforcer is more resistant to play, you can also use the heavy weapons; Tech is good at rapid formidable into the vault, security system and so on; Has become highly movie, everybody to want to gather the different ability of staff to be remembered in the history of crime ah ~