The Skills about Playing Payday 2

As a fan of game, I like the Payday 2 very much, and I like to cosplay with the Payday mask. Now, I will share you the skills about playing the game.

In jewelry store , you cannot open completely shot , not melee, does not trigger an alarm to complete, no matter how much difficulty , but the higher the difficulty the more experience . Only two of them the threat level is high, and there are more than two or three of the ropes, you can, after a security threat, F meal go mad and then tied by the owner, does not trigger an alarm collusion to your car soon, and then shipped on the train on the line, faster time can be controlled within four and a half’s. No skills completely impossible to implement because of security mad at you over to give you F handcuffed him up.

Payday mask

In the corner of the bank on the second floor, corner parking lot, or a place near the back door or wood, you can put a few important windows on the first floor of the plug, remember this can destroy, but can stay for a long time, banks a total of eight cameras. And beneath the bank counter has three alarms, if you want to dive into the past, must take the threat of bank counter staff and tied three, before the camera can also find ways to deal with. Be sure to get ahead of the control room, the most important, the control room door can be put on the controller to open an ECM without Keycard, after controlling the camera points to the group Friends of the report, the security out to do, and that several major counter personal alarm, this time all the threats, OK, go to vault it ~

Then is four store models, this model is the first time I play Payday2 play mode, I feel so hard ah. A 0 abused a rough Xiang. Now feel is the easiest, and entertainment mode, which is not a lot of money to high experience, recommended for novice to play the normal difficulty and hard difficulty. A few levels up are very simple. The secret clearance which is a little faster, do not let the drill stop. If you happen to encounter this time to modify the party C4 posted up that is also good, and pass efficiency more than tripled.