Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

Payday Mask: Payday 2′s overall strategy

This guide is divided into four stages, each stage is the key weapons to the next stage, the key skill of preparation. After received these elements can be considered on to the next stage. We add some direction to clear the role of in hand and ghosts, guest small thugs, technician to ignore.

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(1) the direction of the black hand finally add some purpose is to persuade the enemy, to convince the enemy as the most preferred add some direction, please good skill points. To persuade skills before have kissed the blarney stone, number of cable tie, endurance is required; Experience bonus points if also didn’t go to online one for yourself to go, the rest of the can consider whole weapon recoil reduce or tag damage to deepen.
(2) the mob add some purpose is just to get efficient move brick, if skill points can point to a high enough iron, in the back behind the Yin person or useful.
(4) technician with extreme is not recommended, bit even when get silent drill into doesn’t make any sense. Technician’s most deadly problem is their skills in a single brush growth is almost zero! His skills can’t give back to provide any help, the growth of waste can be said to be the initial skill points as well as the choice of money.
(3) the phantom eventually add some purpose is one of the open the door for ECM/hand to open the safe, ECM brush want to go to the bank, and want to brush the nightclub to repair the hand to open the safe. Before the skill required to packaging, endure bellow, sprint, without these, in order to quickly body quick please also learn a. Other points can consider to work for money, 10% / 30% bonus to loot. Double ECM/silent killer the personal habits to choose.
(5), because of the characteristics of the map to 45 ~ 50 level of a single brush is the limit. Behind the examination rate getting online, it won’t be in this category. But if you can brush to this single rank your skills and awareness as a ghost has basic will be enough.

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Payday Mask the Heist Enemy Introduced in Game Payday 2/11

Payday Mask the Heist Enemy Introduced in Game Payday

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Payday enemy One, civilians
 This kind of person Say you want to kill But the game setting Let you dare not kill. After the game setting: shoot a hostage When you enter the Custoy state is wait for the hostages exchange time will be extended for 10 s and settlement at the end of the game rewards when they take a certain amount of money So it is best to not kill don’t kill kill Also don’t overdo it had better not more than four.
 Each level of the hostages clothing there will be some changes No Mercy, for example there will be a doctor and the patient slaughterhouses have the butcher street have form larger hostage
Payday enemy second, the fanatics (safe house exclusive)
The enemy is not too difficult Equipped weapon is Mark
Payday enemy three, security (first the world bank, the green bridge, diamond, hospital)
 As a general rule, be white clothes In the diamond in red clothes
 General equipment for the pistol In diamond is’t a MP5 equipped with
At the same time in the diamond alarm before triggers can be marked
1. The levels get too close to the security guard at the bank will let him find you carry guns Forcibly trigger looting
2. You even nearly every other security again in No Mercy corps level will not be found Unless you take the initiative to start looting
3. Problems in diamond close security view Hearing also has a problem But once they are found An alarm
4. Apart from Easy difficulty security melee hit General can let him to surrender