Payday 2 Game Skills and the Benefits of Put on Payday Mask

The game, Payday 2 of the jewelry store inside, can not completely open one gun, not a melee, is not an alarm to complete. No matter how high difficulty, but the difficulty is higher the more experience. Only need two threat level is high, and there are more than two or three ropes, and security threats, in a crazy by then tied house someone, not an alarm onto your car will soon come, and then get on the bus line, time can a bit faster control within four and a half. No skills totally impossible, because in the past you give security crazy he F was handcuffed to you.

If it is bank friends and I haven’t worked out a good way to stealth, a few times are found, it is important to note at the bank back door have a monitor head Feed, where I can directly see the bank all content monitoring, manager’s office has a ammo bag. Parked behind the barbed wire fence of the three cars, there was a car is medical vehicle near will appear after a medical bag. Put on a Payday mask, avail oneself of the opportunity to get in.

Corner on the second floor in the bank, parking lot, or there is a place near the back door or wood, can put on the first floor of the several important window, remember, this can damage but can stay for a long time, the bank’s camera A total of eight.And Banks have three alarm under the counter, if you want to dive in the past, three staff must keep the bank counter threats and bound, before the camera also want to find a way to deal with.Control room must be done in advance, the main control room door can put a ECM on the controller to turn on, don’t need a Keycard, control the camera to point to friends, do the security guards, at the same time, the main counter that a few personal alarm, by this time all threatened, OK, go to the vault!

Payday Mask in Detail with All the Game

Payday 2 translation skill tree in detail, in order to let everybody be clear at a glance, do not need to find one, and modify some of the contents, can make you a better understanding of, in the form of pictures show, finally also attach the original English.

First introduce the four career:
1.    Joint the brain, or avatar
Joint is in a variety of operating control “type of occupation, the leadership of the main ability is to place medical kits, to strengthen the pistol performance, playing ability and so on, and has a strong alterations and communication ability, after upgrade he can even convince the police and the civilians become one of their own, is an extremely important role on observatory.

2.    The Enforcer shock worker
Enforcer is an extremely violent criminal career, all kinds of crime giants fanatics are hired to complete the mission impossible, main ability is to place ammunition package, to strengthen the shotgun performance, number of magazine, close combat ability, skills for charging type confrontation tanks.

3. The Technician, engineer
Technician is inherited in the generation of profession, specializing in all kinds of criminal science, enjoy everything will be “bang!”Explosion, main ability is placed ray and automatic sentry, strengthen the rifle performance, crime devices (such as drill) efficiency, etc., for the backbone of the team.

4. The Ghost
Ghost is a stealth artist, in the case of don’t touch anything moving form transposition of trick is his specialty, main ability is to place the ECM jammers, improved the mute weapon performance, stealth ability, etc., the protagonist in the quiet of the plunder.

Payday 2 after a live-action version of the game before the network after the first episode, and announced the second set, live-action network play can be seen in the video, someone put on Payday mask the robber just fled from the bank, are running amok.And before the first set of style close, clowns shooting while Shouting. Seem is the trend of after the show.

Cosplay Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask from Xcoser are so Awesome

We could see many different kinds of awesome cosplay accessories in the comic con, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It seems that the mask is always the important part of the cosplay.

Deathstroke mask

Now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hot on show, more and more people become the fans of the movie, and the film is thought better than the preceding crop. In this movie, Winter soldier have gained many fans and they want to cosplay him with the cosplay costumes, such as the Winter Soldier mask, jacket. In my mind, the Winter Soldier arm is so cool, I would like to cosplay him with it.

Another cosplay prop I want to own is the Breaking Bad hat, it looks great and good quality. Of course, we could wear it anytime outside, it’s so fashion.

HOT SALE Payday Mask and the Walkthrough of Payday

Such as skills upgrading, career choice (each with special abilities), and so on. Harvest day 2 is a very fighting style shooter game. Players in the game play is IQ superb professional criminals, as police in deduce with all kinds of crime to seek survival, for example to rob Banks, armed hijacking vehicles, collaboration can also make people escape from the prison. In short, in a large city, you can have a powerful weapon and equipment, freedom through an unstoppable.

The Payday a very popular game, many gamers bought Payday mask, this is a very appropriate props in the game characters. Nowadays, Xcoser also launched Deathstroke mask and the popular TV series product in the Breaking Bad Walter White, he wore product Breaking Bad hat.These are reasonably priced and fine. You deserve it!

I will Wear the Payday Mask to Take Part in My Friends’s Party

When I wore the Deathstroke mask in a cosplay party,one man asked me,why you liked this cosplay? I said, why not? In my mind, cosplay is one part of my life, without it, my life is not complete.

When I was a young child, I loved the Snow White very much, when I wore in the Snow White dress, I was so happy, I thought I was the beautiful girl. Maybe, I began to like cosplay from that time.
deathstroke mask
Through cosplay, we could become the people who we like, such as the hero, princess, or any one in the anime. Cosplay is not strange, it is always interesting. When you become the man you want to be, you will be so happy.

Next week, I prepare to wear the Payday mask to cosplay in my friends’ party, I cannot wait for it. Would you like to join me?

payday mask

Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask are Your Best Choice to Cosplay

The people who like cosplay, always like the cosplay mask, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It could be say that mask is always the soul of the cosplay.

As we know, Xcoser has almost completed the Deathstroke helmet and the Payday mask, and we could pre-order the mask now. It’s said that the people who pre-order the mask will get a limited gift. Why not buy the mask now?

Now, I want to show you the pictures about the two mask, they are so cool.

deathstroke mask

payday mask


Payday 2 Masks for Sale Deathstroke Mask Xcoser Cool New Product 2014

Payday 2, the producers announced the real machine demo video 15 minutes, give us a show in the payday mask, it is full of happy feeling how they robbed them. In addition, demo video also shows the Payday 2, including many on sale in 2011 before the harvest, “that the new features: rob, including skills and promotion system.The game there are four different professions, each with its own unique ability, their mutual complement each other to perform a task.

Deathstroke took credit for somehow twisting (through unknown means) the powers of Geo-Force, the half-brother of the original Terra, into the same powers as his traitorous sister. Using this leverage, Deathstroke offered to reverse the process only if Geo-Force became his own personal spy within the Justice League.

The Deathstroke mask looks so fashionable, and it is the new product in Xcoser. We are looking forward to it will be welcome.


Payday 2 Masks for Sale Dallas Mask Xcoser 2014 New Cosplay Costumes


Payday mask for sale




Payday 2 Masks for Sale Dallas Mask in Xcoser Costumes 2014 R&D

Great Dallas cosplay with Xcoser Payday Dallas Mask!

Good choice mask to cosplay Payday in Halloween

New Vesion Dallas Mask Has Improved Its Quality!

Dream work of Dallas Fans!

Game: PAYDAY 2

Character: Dallas

Mask Sizes: Free size

Material: PVC

Including: a mask

Updated Version Payday Mask:

Payday mask

DIY Version Payday Mask:

Payday mask

Dallas is a playable character. He is a 44-year-old chain smoker. Due to his previous smoking habits, he is continually out of breath, though this does not affect gameplay. He wears the American flag mask during heists, and is voiced by Simon Kerr.

payday mask